It was a great day. Perfect weather for being outside. A tempo traveller full of eager artists. Lovely Nrityagram resonating with music in the rustic setting.....

Here is the fountain pen sketch I started and then completed at home.

Here are two that I made from photographs. After I completed the pen drawing there was yearning for colour and I added some dashes of it.

Here is the one with some colour.

Here are some photographs of Nrityagram

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Just finished with the sketches today. Adding them here:

This is the sketch that was completed while at Nritya Gram - the welcoming sculpture of the dancers

Odissi dance steps - a stream of gestures transpired in front of us, brilliant and all at once. The best choice seemed to be sitting silently and absorbing the magic, rather than trying to rush through lines in an attempt to document them live :)

There was a whole lot of fun moments during the trip. Just noted these words from Smitha, and tooned later :D


Ha ha! great work Rahul :)

Lol, cool stuff Rahul! Toony memories of a memorable trip :D

Rahul, I have been misquoted, I had heard that Smitha was crazy after 'zombie' films, and had a collection of them.  So what I said was "What about zombie films?"

Great toons , Rahul, and a nice one of the sculpture.

That's called Toony License, Nandita ;)

Nice sketches Rahul. I like the one of the sculpture for the flowing lines and the one of the dancer for the gesture that you have captured so well.

Lovely sketches, Anil! That dash of colour looks delicious.

Would love to go back to Nrthyagram and soak in those beautiful moves and songs again :)

Thanks Dinesh. When do we see your works?

Tomorrow, for sure. Just needs a bit of fine-tuning :)

Lovely Sketches Anil!! I love the way you have composed them :)

:) Thanks a lot Smitha

This was a great jam! So all the jammers have decided to go here atleast every two months :) I was so lost in the beauty of the space it took me awhile before i sat down to sketch. Here are few :-

I have few more pages with found objects that I will work on and then upload :)




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