I am looking for a solution to the following problem:

Problem: I do not want to draw a margin around my paper with pencil while doing watercolor. Instead of that I want to use a tape. I am not sure what is a masking tape but I have read about it in books (foreign publications). I tried using scotch magic tape and everything looked fine till it was time to lift it off the paper (200gsm cold pressed). There came out the paper along with the tape leaving an ugly tattered edge around my painting!! So I am looking for a way I can use something that will leave a neat edge to my painting.

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Hi! Mridula,

I use a paper cellotape. one or 2 inch. You get it in ant Hardware shop or even at a school bookshop. It is cream in color and you can tear it by your hand. After you tape the water color paper press it and later you can just peel it carefully.

Happy Painting!

Yes. Very helpful the masking tape for margin.




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