Did you know we're a little over a year old? Already! For me this has been a fantastic journey so far. I have met amazing people, learned from their work and picked up the courage to draw things that I have never drawn before. Most importantly I realise that the community in some way or the other draws me back to drawing :) so whether I like it or not, i'm involved with drawing everyday. Either my own or admiring someone else's.

So to me Penciljammers.com YEAR 2 looks good already!

What have your own experiences with Pencil Jammers been so far? Has it proven useful? Is there something else you feel it could have that will make it even better? I'd love to hear your about your experiences and look forward to your thoughts and suggestions!

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Anil...not that much secret..will tell in person...:)

thnks george...:)

I am almost afraid to write about my feelings, thoughts, experiences and opinions about Pencil Jammers because my words are likely to be interepreted as "gone overboard" or embarrassingly fulsome praise. I, therefore, decided to bring in some objectivity into it which will anyway reveal my subjective feelings and experiences.

I looked the ealiest pictures posted on the site and find that they are dated 27th May 2010. So, it is nearer two years than one! I also see that I posted my first picture here on 5th June. That makes me one of the earliest members of PJ and I have to thank Sneha for introducing me to it. I remember the amount of trouble she took to direct me to the first jam and telling me who to meet - George, Smitha and Prabha. That shows the passion for this community she has. Later I found that this is shared by all those who are touched by it.

The reception I got from the three mentioned and their comments on the sketches I had carried to show them changed me significantly. (They were extraordinarily generous) PJ gave me the courage to show my attempts to others and get a lot of feedback.

It was Sneha again who insisted that I buy a scanner as my sketches deserved it and not a camera. Again, she went out of her way to even get one for me commandeering the services of Gautam!

So, the list goes on. George weaning me away from my beloved Staedtler 0.5 with 2B lead, Priya admonishing me to sketch volume and surface rather than outlines, Prosenjit over a day's workshop changing the way I look at things, Kiran Shantaram More revealing a new world with watercolours, Ranga making me fall in love with ballpoint pens all over again and making me look for (at least try to) beauty in the everyday objects and scenes, Prosenjit goading (gently and not so gently [god bless him, I would say if I were a believer]) me to give up photcopying paper for watercolours, Prabal Smitha and Prabha Mallya finding something to apprecaite in whatever I created and to gently point out how it could be bettered . . Prabal, Kamal, Soman, Donna, Prabha (Narayanan), Parani, Priya, Manu inspiring with their incredible artistry, skill and exploratory spirit... If I have missed mentioning some names that I would have loved to, blame it on the sheer numbers of such special people here!

The list could go on and on and if it did, George would delete this because it takes too much space!

Above all this, it is the child like joy that everyone in PJ seem to have and readiness to share, help, appreciate. I have not seen another group like this ever before. My first jam appears like it was just yesterday but I have travelled a decade in what I have learnt thanks to PJ and the incredible jammers.

Spl Note to Soman - I was worried that this note was long and then saw your note. :-)

What a long note!!! :D Just kidding. My legs are longer. The funny thing is I used to be around 5'5" when Pencil Jammers started, and I have a feeling that Anil is to blame.

Not only have I grown in size, I have learnt an incredible number of things during our chai breaks at the jams. Philosophy, physics, music, ethics, religion, mathematics, law, history. It's astonishing. I make a note to Google everything I hear, and inevitably stumble onto whole new worlds of knowledge. You have hugely expanded my mind and every minute with you is a learning experience.

Strange things happen to me when I attend jams with you. Random people sing Historic ballads or jog around in microshorts yelling at people. Your take on all these random occurences is an absolute howl. Everytime.

Not everyone knows that Anil is also a penciljammers admin. Your feather touch is a lesson in managing complex communities. I am proud that Penciljammers never sees flamewars, hate speech or imbecilic posts and it's in large part thanks to you. If we are an Intelligent Artist's community today, it is because of the kind of thinking you promote.

Thank you for everything that you do on Penciljammers Anil. I'm all the taller for it!! :)

Art, like writing, is mostly a lonely pursuit. Quite scary, actually, for the weak-hearted, like me. :) Penciljammers is an awesome community that takes away some part of this daunting loneliness.We share, open up, receive, give.

You feel as if you are a part of something bigger, even if you spent a whole day stuck to the easel or scratching that reluctant pencil on a small spot. Just that thought helps. And then to go out and meet people, adds to the joy!

I don't think I would have sketched as much had it not been for PJ. In less words, but still with deep emotion: thank you!

Beautifully written Rashmi and how very very true!

Well done. Thank you PJ indeed!

saw pencil jam website 6months ago when I was almost forget about art after 10 years break. uploaded some paintings which was old and some sketches.

 Came for one pencil jam session on museum in MG road, and then My life got changed... I never thought I can do draw or paint like this now. I was just thinking about just drawing and painting , But then I saw my works are getting noticed and pencil jam session modulated my skills  like nothing other than in my lifetime.. and I am getting fun also.. I got many gurus(George, soman,prosen,prabha.......) and many friends, supporters and I am very much thankful for keeping the session environments very hassle free..  you can draw a stone or building or anything.. no restrictions.. thanks for penciljamm.. I don’t have much words. Simply said you guys shown me world which I haven’t seen in my whole life.. wishing this will enlighten the others as it enlighten me!!!! once again thanks......

I love pencil jam!

Oh this is so cool.. reading about everybody's experience and thoughts etc etc.. 

For me the best thing about Penciljam is that it is actually a physical group than just being an online group.  A group filled with passionate, empathetic people. Basically good people. I really really look forward to the weekend jams everytime. Painting outdoors with fellow sketchers/painters is an experience a very few get to experience.

Suggestion - The venues of weekend jams have to be diversified. There are only a handful of venues we end up going to. Need to find out more venues. One place I can suggest is Central College campus on KR Road.

p.s. I also met my nemesis in penciljam. No points for guessing who that person is. And that person wanted me to write this here. :)

My journey with Pencil Jam started with one of the weekend jams at Bannerghatta National Park and from then till now it has been a continuous source of inspiration for me.The weekend jams with  amazing yet humble jammers and at different places has really been a great learning experience .I believe its the people who makes this group so special,people who always inspires with their awesome works,comments,knowledge about art and also with their sense of humour. . .

Now i fully agree with the one who said "Its the journey that matters not the destination",and i want to continue my journey with pencil jammers without any intention of reaching any destinition.


As for suggestion I agree with Prabal,If possible we can plan some Jams at city outskirts :)



Penciljam - The Name says it all! Pencil - the best of drawing tools. Jamming - the most spontaneous way of living.


I first discovered Penciljam in mid-2010, when I came across a few articles online by George on drawing, perception, consciousness and the interconnectedness of art and life. Although I didn’t 'get' half of what he was saying, I somehow found his whole approach to drawing quite fascinating. I signed up on PJ, and discovered the Daily Sketch Group, which had Prabha Mallya and George giving out daily drawing assignments... which were deliciously addictive, to say the least! Each write-up was such a joy to read, and positively inspiring. Within no time, I'd become one of the most regular daily sketchers, to my own surprise and delight. Each assignment was a challenge to my toony braincells, and often I would draw late into the night to meet the daily deadline. What kept me coming back was the wonderful feedback I got from those early jammers. There was no judgement, no harsh criticism... just lotsa good-humoured appreciation & encouragement


But it would be another good six months, before I felt bold enough to venture out into the Weekend Jams. And that was triggered off, exactly a year ago, at Chithra Santhe, Jan 2011, when I providentially met George and Smitha for the first time. What struck me immediately was their utter simplicity, sincerity, and sheer truthfulness of their vision about art, and how it needs to be constantly nurtured and made a part of everyday life. It's one thing to read about such beliefs, but to actually meet people who are living it brings a refreshingly dynamic energy altogether! That sealed it. I HAD to be a part of this 'live sketching' group too, if only to simply BE in the company of fellow jammers and share in their honest-to-goodness wisdom and inspiring creativity.


I still remember my very first Jam. It was at CKP, the sunday after Chithra Santhe. I thought I was early, but then saw a few other jammers quietly sketching. I joined in, and was hooked. Previously, I'd hardly done any sort of life sketching, and I always justified this by saying a cartoonist doesn’t need any 'live' references, since he's going to distort/exaggerate his drawings anyway. But sketching 'live' for the next 3 hours, opened my eyes to seeing and discovering things, I'd never noticed before! Later, when I showed these to fellow jammers, the appreciation, encouragement and positive criticism I got was simply exhilarating!


From then on, Penciljamming has become such an intrinsic part of my creative life. The nurturing and nourishment that I've received, in terms of art & creativity as well as in beautiful relationships have simply kept me coming back for more. The positive energy and wonderful vibes generated by the group as a whole is something too special and life-enhancing. I'm tempted to name names here, but as Anil says, the list would go on endlessly! EACH AND EVERY JAMMER (be it first-timers or hard-core regulars) is such a unique and talented individual, that I'm beginning to suspect Penciljam mysteriously attracts ONLY those people whose creative, intellectual, spiritual energies operate at a much higher frequency than the average person! But if I were to question George on this, he would simply give a suitably mysterious Zen-like answer, like, 'Forgetaboutit, you're just hearing the sound of one hand drawing', or some such thing :D


To sum up, a BIG THANK YOU to Pencil Jam and Penciljammers for simply being who you are!

For simply having the courage to follow your hearts, discover your creative talents and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, for sharing your unique and inspiring vision of the world with the rest of us. Through this wonderful, very special, one-of-a-kind community called Penciljammers!


Cheers, Love and Gratitude!


That is not only spoken from the heart, it is great prose too!

"Cheers, Love and Gratitude!" - that is it!

'Forgetaboutit, you're just hearing the sound of one hand drawing'

That made my day :)




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