As expected it was a wonderful place to go around and sketch/ paint plenty of artistic stuffs.

We went near Aiyannar temple and sketched around that place. Even before we go there we were attracted by a wonderful performance by Karnataka folk artists. They said they are coming after some Dushara performance in Delhi. They performed colorful Somana Kunitha.

Ganapathy, Balaji, Nithiya, Anbuselvi and Muralidharan enjoyed the day well :-)

Kindly share Photos related to this event here.

Also share related art works here in addition to posting  in the main page. Thanks.

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Superb Murali. I did not imagine that your accurate pen & ink drawing would moult into this beauty!

Thank you Balaji

Sketched at Dhaksina Chitra. Added background at home.

Charcoal pencil. A3 size.

I admire your planning of the tones for this drawing and the very nice shading that makes it look 3-dimensional.

Thank you Balaji

Super pics, Murali! And the sculpture sketch is awe-inspiring!!

Thanks Dinesh! In reality the head was bigger like cartoon. Some how I made it to fit with body. 

Great pictures Murali, as always! This was indeed a wonderful place, a sketchers paradise one can say, with so much 'setup' for us to sketch! we need to come back here! The masked dancers, for some reason reminds me of Tintin in The Prisoners of the Sun!

Posting my sketches for the record.

GS...Your sketches are marvellous!

I admire your ability to sketch so quickly and accurately. The addition of washes in the gesture sketches, and the temple and horses has worked very well.

Murali...Thank you for posting such a lovely set of photographs to remind us of the wonderful day that we had at Dakshina Chitra. The dance that we witnessed was a bonus. We also need to bear in mind that we explored less than 10% of what there is at Dakshina Chitra, and even that kept us fully engaged.

After your superb phtography this will be quite a let down but, just for the record, I would like to add this one:

Murali & GS surrounded by admirers

I did two sketches. I had started on a sketch of the Ayyanar Temple but the masked dance was too interesting to miss. It also provided a very nice opportunity to do a quick sketch. So I put the first sketch aside and did a quick direct pen sketch of the dancers' masks which they took off and lined up while they took a break.

I then went back to my original spot and continued with my sketch of the Ayyanar Temple. I finished the outline at Dakshina Chitra and completed the sketch at home a short while ago.




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