Hi all,

Finally found how to start a proper discussion as my last effort disappeared from view!

On 8th June- some of us turned up on the Marina beach, inspite of the sand modelling being cancelled (no official permission..how crazy can a Corporation be?). The Bharath marathon or run was on and so no one could park anywhere near the beach.We parked after Ice house and braved the morning heat..minimal at 6 a.m.The massive beach clean up campaign was also on same day!

Found some of our members and welcomed one new member- Kavya from Ahmedabad, currently working in Chennai.

My attempts are below.Request Murali to share some photos here also- from our face book page?

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Adding a couple of more sketches-

Had to do these pretty fast as people would suddenly get up and vanish!

This last one was a messy view of a skyline towards the harbour side- i.e. north of the Marina.

These three also have come out very well. Love the Jamun seller !!

This watercolour work is very very nice Nithya :) A pleasant scene ..

lovely recognisable scene with the little police kiosk and those gnarled trunks!

lovely mam




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