Our visit to NGMA was different this time . As we entered I saw a man in an orange shirt speeding towards the canteen area, which I quickly recognised as Anil. :) At the canteen, I found Anil and a few new jammers drawing.

Soon, we were joined by Nandita & George. The late comers decided to rush the coffee and head into the gallery and join a few jammers who were already drawing inside the gallery.

As I walked past the exhibit with some excellent photographs by a French artist I spotted a well "composed" jammer.
Meenu sitting pretty within the frame.
Mansi at a corner and with her precise and perceptive lines, was extruding the vintage gallery building with lines on her sketchbook.
Kehaan and new jammers ( sorry I take a few jams to memorise names - truly a visual person)
A great render of a tree stump
Every corner had a jammer.

We were told not to draw with paints - most probably only within the gallery - we learnt however, that paints on the pathway was absolutely fine.

Soon we could hear the echo of grumbling stomachs. It was time to head to the canteen. Alongside a few bites,  we had a 'jammers meet'- a first in five years! We discussed about how we can spruce things up on the community website and on weekend jams. Some great ideas surfaced   and we have a part two of this discussion planned for this weekend.

Go ahead and name yourself, and upload your works.Mine will be up shortly. As you can see it took me awhile to settle down and start on my drawing, which I intend to complete at home with paints.

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Nice photos and report Smitha, I have already commented on fb so will not do so here.

Smitha, it's a good thing you started this report.  I was planning to start it today.  Walking into NGMA always brings a feeling of peace and well-being.  The trees, the breeze blowing thro' the leaves makes you want to take out your paints and find a spot.  This jam  was inside the gallery, and we entered to find  a few early jammers had already found their spots and were well into their drawings/paintings.  Smitha has uploaded her photos of jammers in and around NGMA. 

My clicks are of the meeting in the cafe after the jam while everyone was filling their stomachs - painting is hungry work.

We did agree that this community has to get back to Pencil Jammers and discussed how to make newbies more at home, give them an intro to the website and inject some activity and interest into the groups.

Everyone engrossed in the meeting.

Can someone please identify this tree for us?

Oh, and I will upload my drawings sometime later.  Thanks.

Inside NGMA -   This turned out like a perspective drawing!

Trees in the inner courtyard. Both these drawings are colored with w/colored pencils.




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