Jothi and Manavalan were the early birds at today's event. Dakshina Chitra was not yet open to the public and they therefore went to Muttukadu and produced some delightful boat sketches which you will see in the collected works posted in this thread.

We had about a dozen members, I think, in attendance today. I am not sure, because Dakshina Chitra is a large place with very many delightful sketching locations. It is very easy to miss one another unless you are in touch over the phone or meet at some agreed spot at a fixed time. 

Until a few weeks ago an attendance of a dozen members would have delighted all of us. But we have now consistently had around 30 participants every week and therefore the turnout was disappointing. This is especially so since Dakshina Chitra is such a lovely place for sketching, offering a variety of opportunities. 

Today, when we had wound up our sketching session and were on our way to sharing our work with one another, we had a very pleasant bonus session. Gowthami, a visitor to Dakshina Chitra from Andhra Pradesh offered to sit for us and all of us jumped at the opportunity to do some impromptu portrait sketching. Jothi's portrait sketch of her was so good that she requested him to give it to her, which he did to her delight.

Totally focussed!

Gowthami, who sat for us.

Gowthami being sketched by Jothi.

Collected Works 1

Collected works 2 (A few members had done multiple sketches and hence this additional collected works post.)

Collected works 3 (A few members had done multiple sketches and hence this additional collected works post.)

Collected works 4 (A few members had done multiple sketches and hence this additional collected works post.)

Collected portrait sketches.

Gowthami with Jothi's sketch.

Unplanned portrait sketching session.

Portrait sketchers with their model

Sumitha's artwork being admired.

Jothi and Manavalan appreciating Sumitha's artwork.

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Very lovely! I continue to like your free flow of lines forming interesting patterns to capture the subjects!

Francis...this is nice and lively.

spontaneous flow of lines!

"Ravindran kai joshiyam" :-) 

Very nice... 

Francis...I like the way you have captured the lady's pose with her weight on her left leg. It is a pity that the paper soaked up water. Your colour washes look very nice and I think this would have looked very attractive as a pen, ink and colour wash.

I too sketched the same terra cotta statue but from a different angle. The angle that you have chosen shows the design of the form much better and your use of colour in the background sets off the form of the statue more clearly than in my sketch.

Both these sketches are nice. Like the lady leaning on the pillar :)

Both look like cover of a academy award winning novels! 

Love her pose and simplified lines.. Orange background of the terracotta is very interesting ji.

Even when I was inking the paper had a blotting effect. When I did water color the wetness created patches on the other side.

Like this street scene !




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