Forms for Chitra Santhe 2013 are now available at CKP.


Other requirements along with the form -

  • Passport pic
  • INR 200 DD in fav of "Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore - 1"
  • Bio Data
  • Photographs of two works


Last date for submission - January 1, 2013


So how many of PJ members had submitted the application form for Chitra Santhe and did not get a call from the CKP people (which is good, since they give a phone call to convey that the application has not been accepted!).


Kindly give your names, phone number (if you are okey with it) and stall number (which I believe should be out by now) here.

Please give the details here in the format (Name // cell no. // Stall No.)


This will help other members to locate fellow participants on the day. And other members can come visit your stalls when we get an opportunity. Its always good to have some friends around during the day, ain't it?

Here's the list of known participants ion Chitra Santhe 2013, along with Stall no -

Vidhu Pillai 62
Prabal Mallick 63 [Not Participating due to ill health]
Kavita 84
Paranirajan Sathyamoorthi 202
Nilesh Kumar 231
Soman Patnaik 427
Shyamala 607
Nandita 608
Asha Sudhaker Shenoy 609
Prabha 610
Smriti Krishna 611


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Soman, Thank you for the info!

Thanks Soman!

I am looking for the form to download and fill. CKP still has the old 2012 JAN brochure here:

It will be good if we can get the scan copy of the form. Can you/anyone help? Thanks.


I am also waiting for that, please lt us know regard "Forms for Chitra Santhe 2013"


this is the form pls find it and share


Is there is criterion as to minimum number art works you should have. I currently have just 10 works. Will I be able to participate?

Hi all, 

I called to CKP, on ChitrSanthe2013. They say that if you are 1st time participating need to call them back after 5th Jan 2013. Hopefully the regular participants have most of the chances, to take part in. Also they updated that no space already 1500 stalls are in approval stage. Better to rush to CKP and get clarified.



here it is and share plz

What does the biodata means. Can any one help me out as I am applying for the first time

When is this event, and how long does it last?

On 27th Jan 2013. It is one day event at the Chitrakala Parishad, Bengaluru. 

Many of Penciljammers participated last year. 


Notice Penciljammers at the end of the album.

Thanks Murali.

I visited your Flickr page and left a comment for you at "Me and Myself". Will take a leisurely look at all the photographs of the event later.

Hi Friends,

Sorry to asking you...kindly do not get wrong me! 

I should participate the Chitra Santhe 2013, because I did lot of painting for this exhibition also I got more expense. So if possible, anyone could give me application? Please do the needful...

If I participate this year coming year I couldn't get these problems...that's what I am asking...for beginning my painting career...

Help me please...


Thanks & Regards,





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