Soman had dropped into the studio yesterday and we had a long. long talk. We discussed how it is important for traditional media artists to pick up on Digital skills. 

But digital skills are quite varied and there are so many aspects to learn...

  • Photo manipulation and correction
  • Page layout skills
  • Vector Illustration
  • 3d design and composition
  • Video editing and compositing

and so many more...

Soman suggested that we could pool in to hire a projector and over a few weeks, provide an introductory session on basic concepts on graphic software. Artists can simply bring in a laptop pre-installed with recommended open-source software and we can demonstrate basic usage through some simple projects.

We could do this at the Pencil Jam studio in Bangalore. Perhaps we could also find some space to do this for artists in Chennai and other cities as well? Murali mentioned the same thing in regards to digital colour correction the last time we met.

I'd like some feedback from artists who have been wanting to pick up on digital software skills. What would you like to learn? What will be immediately useful for you?

Do let me know, and we can fix a schedule and set up a basic curricula and get started.

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This will be bringing lot of value addition to artists and it is the need of the hour!

This is a great idea.. something over the weekend would be very comfortable. I have no idea about software but I would like to learn something that helps me do medical illustrations 

Really? That's very cool. I rarely come across people who profess an interest in medical illustration. I used to run an illustration studio that executed a few. Take a look.

Those are really good.. I would be  happy to be able to make something like that. But more for the general public than the medical fraternity, to facilitate understanding of medical situations and their treatment in a simple and pleasant way. 

Super!!! This will be of so much help... I'd like to know everything!!! :D

This is good idea. You cannot ignore the (nice and friendly) elephant in the room for long.

Open source Software that I have been using for sometime and highly recommend :

GIMP  : A very powerful bit map digital painting and photo manipulation software

Inkscape : vector illustration software

Blender : 3d modelling (animation..compositing, gaming, physics,..the whole works) an incredible framework.




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