Draw your hand, a friends hand or any hand. Draw it in one angle or many. Tell a story with the hand :)

The submissions for the challenges can be a drawing, painting, sketch done using traditional or digital mediums.

All image credits belong to original up-loaders. Please click on image to see links.

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Hi.. Are the pics uploaded above hand drawn or just samples from Google?

My first Bargue Drawing was a hand in the classical style.....


Wow, that hand looks fantastic, Murali!! The patience, time and effort you've put into it shows! :D



Both of these are old sketches but I think they meet the challenge specs.

Wonderful! Especially the Michelangelo one.

I agree with Prosenjit. Great lines on the first one!

very beautiful

Prosenjit, Smitha, Vaishali...Thank you very much.

When I attended a Mehandi ceremony...


Nicely done. Did you do this from a photograph?




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